A few words about Kapriss
Hello Friends. My name is Asha Venger.
Artist, dreamer, experimenter.

I draw for commissions and just for my pleasure. Basically, that's illustrations for fantasy stories, book covers. Also, I'm often asked for bringing characters "to life".
My paintings are mostly in the "Dark Fantasy" genre. Gloomy, dark and cozy :)
I'm a fan of reading. Mystic and gothic literature, psychology researches. I tenderly love rain, Autumn and the night time. Definitely that all feels in my art.

If you want to order an artwork send me a message in Instagram direct or by email. Personal approach, love for a plot, for characters - are included :)
Also, you have an option to purchase a print. That means you're welcome to choose any of my artwork, if it's drawn not for a commission/not for a gift.
You'll get a beautiful drawing in a magazine quality.
My art gallery is on Instagram. My contacts are at the bottom of the list.
Basic prices with examples
* Remember, price for your art can be different. It depends on detailig, complexity of a background, additional characters, urgency of work
* All the prices are for 1 character excluding additional detailing
* Price for special intricate elements is by agreement (complex jewelry/clothing/weapons/armor, detailed background decorations, tattoos, animals and companions)
* For additional character + 50% of basic price
* For commercial use + 80% of final price
* I work with PayPal. Prepayment is 50%. Other 50% you pay when get an artwork. Multiple payments are possible by personal agreement
Portrait 180 USD
pic pic pic pic
Half body 320 USD
pic pic pic pic
Full body 420 USD
pic pic pic
Prints 90 USD
pic pic pic pic
Landscape Art 630+ USD
pic pic

https://www.instagram.com/kapriss.art/ mailto:asha@kapriss.art