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Hello everyone!
Here are a few words about me, working with me and my prices
My name is Asha Znamenska. I’m an artist. I love dark-fantasy genre. I create illustrations and covers. My main objective is bringing fantasies and literary characters to life.
About the process:
If you’d like to order a commission, just send me a message on DeviantArt or Instagram, or mail (my contacts are at the bottom of the list). Describe your idea as much as possible (with any refs, character stories and everything you consider important). Then we discuss/clarify the details, I answer your questions and let you know the final price. Next, we choose a deadline if any. Close to the appointed time I send you the link for payment. When the drawing is ready I show it to you and if you need any fixes we make them. Then you complete the payment.
About prices:
Black and white portrait 70 EUR:Portrait (head\shoulders) 100 EUR:
70 EUR 70 EUR100 EUR 100 EUR
Half body 145 EUR:Full body 190 EUR:
145 EUR 145 EUR190 EUR
Creative portraits and paintings 80-155 EUR
80-155 EUR 80-155 EUR 80-155 EUR 80-155 EUR
  • Additional character + 40-80 EUR
  • For corporate clients the prices are different
  • For publishing covers and using my art in games the prices are double
  • For regular customers - regular discount!
  • Prices described aren’t always final. They depend on the complexity of a pose (action\fight etc), detailed background, weapons and armor. Also if you need my help with a cover design (fonts etc). Major changes like that increase the price too.
  • Please, remember that I draw dark-fantasy art, and most likely I will fail if I try something kind and sweet)
  • Major changes are not included in a total price and charged separately
  • I don’t make sketches
  • I usually draw for 1-4 weeks, and if you have a deadline, warn me about it in advance
  • By default, I post all my paintings, so if your art is not for posting please warn me in advance
  • I’m not a designer, and don’t create cover style with fonts and intricate titles. But I can help with something minimal if it’s really necessary
  • Sometimes I can’t answer your email for a while. Don’t worry. It means that I’m on a business trip or diving into a drawing. Be sure I will read and answer as fast as I can